Our Oily Story

We started our oily journey in February of 2015 and we had no idea what we were getting into but knew that while we were working at removing toxins and chemicals from our diet, we also needed to make changes to all the toxins in our home! We were heavier than we’d ever been, feeling the worse we’d ever felt, our kids were constantly passing around germs (Noses were always running), we weren’t getting enough sleep and I Personally was living on Iboprofen and Mountaim Dew! It was a disaster!

A friend on mine started using oils (which I ignored because that’s just crazy talk, and the placebo effect and there is NO WAY running “plant sauce” on your skin or breathing it is going to help you feel better!) But deep down I knew we needed to make changes! So I called up my girl and we jumped in and grabbed our Starter kit!

The change in our life was quick! We started sleeping better, I weaned off the Iboprofen, noses stopped running, we started feeling better! Every thing that came up, we started asking ourself and each other – I wonder if there’s an oil for this – and we experimented and shared what was working for us with our friends! Next thing I knew I was getting a paycheck! And building a team!

Our paychecks started hitting $500 a month and I had to realize – hey, there might be something to this whole oily thing ….. Then $1000, then $2000 started coming in every month.

At the current writing of this – we are 20 months in and looking at the rank of GOLD for this month which brings an average paycheck of over $6000 per month! But Royal Crown Diamond is our ultimate goal!

And because I’m talking about money, I’m required to share this with you – which I’m cool with because it’s pretty awesome! Take a look! Which rank changes your life? Come join this journey of Wellness, Purpose and Abindance with us!!


If you are ready to jump on the oily train with us, click here:


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