I grew up in Tampa – we lived in the city, we didn’t have a backyard, we had a tiny, tiny front yard, I learned to drive on 8 lane roads, the only “farm animals” I ever saw were at the State Fair once a year – so when we decided to hatch some chicks – I watched just as fascinated as my kids were! I thought it would be faster! The first chick took over an hour to hatch – although some after her were much faster! It was a Sunday morning and we were supposed to be getting ready for church – if you’re a mom – you know that Sunday mornings don’t lend themselves to anything extra because babies need fed and people need dressed and hair needs brushed and shoes need found and all those people have to eat and if you’re real lucky – you make it to church only 10 minutes late! But our first chick was hatching and I had decided I was going to get it on video! So I’d hush the kids from our normal Sunday morning chaos and start the video and watch and wait and watch and wait and after five minutes and the only progress being a small sliver of shell picked off – i would stop, brush hair, send kids on tasks, look for shoes, pour out cereal, then start videoing again and again……until finally – it hatched! And it was UGLY!!!!! What???? I mean you’all have seen TV and cartons right? The eggs hatch and their these cute fuzzy chicks – these things were wet and slimy and nasty looking! Thank goodness we had the brooder set up and after they dried off they did turn into cute little chicks within a day or two! Phew! And I think we even made it to church only ten minutes late!